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Premium Version

IP Sharkk Premium Version allows you to experience total anonymous internet surfing. You can change your IP address as much as you want and you can set your IP to change automatically. Premium Version users receive the fastest network servers and do not share IPs with anyone. This is the ultimate solution for anyone that takes internet privacy seriously.

And now only $27.99 per month!

IP Sharkk ( FREE Version 2.5 )

Full Features Included:

IP Masking
Unlimited IP Changes
Super Fast Connections
Priority Over Free Users
Free Online Support
Works with encrypted pages (Https)
Ads Free

Comparison Chart
Features Free Version Premium Version
IP Masking Yes Yes
Unlimited IP Changes No Yes
Super Fast Connections No Yes
Priority Over Free Users No Yes
Free Online Support No Yes
Works with secure pages (Https) No Yes
Ads Free No Yes
Secure – No IP Sharing No Yes