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Introducing the IP Sharkk – Ultimate IP Changer

IP Sharkk is proven IP masking software that will allow you to safely surf the internet, without revealing your actual IP! No one will ever know your real IP. That means you can surf the internet with 100% anonymity.

Unlike current standard proxies, where one IP may be used by thousands of users, the IP Sharkk makes it impossible to detect that you are even using a proxy.

In an age where big corporations want to spy on our surfing trends and unscrupulous hackers are growing exponentially, the IP Sharkk is the next wave in protecting your security. We are all exposed when we surf the internet and visit websites. Any website! Within minutes of visiting a website, the owner can pinpoint the exact location of the visitor and continue to track and monitor the unsuspecting visitor’s behavior. We are also increasingly being constrained by governments or large corporations bent on denying us access for our own good, or creating new borders based on IP targeting.

Where is your privacy? Where is your confidence? Where is your freedom? IP Sharkk can restore your privacy, confidence and freedom.

IP Sharkk restores your security. It makes it impossible to be tracked. Even your ISP or employer won’t be able to monitor your outgoing connections.